Monday 2nd March 2020:


We are pleased to announce that Didcot Railway Centre in Oxfordshire is our newest partner. The mentor will be Emma Jhita (Chief Executive):

“The Didcot Railway Centre are pleased to offer a placement with the opportunity to experience working with our volunteer museum and archive team, combined with exploring how the wider visitor experience works alongside the Chief Executive and her team. The Great Western Society, which operates Didcot Railway Centre was founded in 1961, so will be celebrating its 60th birthday in 2021. Therefore, there will be the possibility to work with the events team throughout the year.

Didcot Railway Centre is dedicated to the former Great Western Railway. The museum and archive contains artefacts and paperwork that date back to the proposals for the Railway before its creation on 31 August 1835. The collection is still expanding and accessioning is an ongoing process. The museum benefits from a state-of-the-art archive and storage facility. Many of the volunteers who work in the archive facility have decades of experience. However, they also welcome new ideas.

Visitors at the Didcot Railway Centre (photograph courtesy of Didcot Railway Centre, Oxfordshire).

The Railway Centre itself is a 21 acre (8.5 hectare) site adjacent to Didcot Parkway railway station. It is based around the original 1932 engine shed and associated buildings. The large exhibit collection (steam locomotives, carriages and wagons) is considered essentially complete, but there is a huge amount of work required to restore, conserve, preserve and interpret the collection.

You don’t need to be a railway enthusiast to appreciate the extent and value of the total collection. However, it is difficult to work in this area without some of the passion for the golden age of the Great Western Railway rubbing off onto you. Whether it is the largest steam locomotive or the smallest item in the collection, the human stories behind them are fascinating”.

If you are interested in this placement please contact for further details.

Wednesday 15th January 2020:

We are delighted to welcome the MA/MFA Curating students of 2020 who started with us on Monday 6th January. All of their details can be found on the Students 2020 page.


Wednesday 8th January 2020:
MA Curating graduate Fili Harrington (2018) undertook an internship in 2019 at Hauser and Wirth Los Angeles and we are delighted to announce that she has now been appointed to the role of Assistant to the Senior Director at Hauser and Wirth Somerset. Congratulations Fili.


Friday 3rd January 2020:
Huge congratulations to 2019 student Anna-Louise Highley who has been appointed as Interpretation Assistant at the ss Great Britain Trust in Bristol.


Monday 4th November 2019:
Fantastic news for 2019 student Jess McKenzie who has been appointed to the Deputy Visitor Services Manager Position at Bath Abbey.


Tuesday 16th July 2019: 

Some news about our 2020 placement at Encounters Film Festival and the project the successful applicant would be involved with:

“Encounters Film Festival is the UK’s leading short film and animation festival, providing an international platform for emerging filmmaking talent from around the world and an important meeting point for the filmmaking industry. We are the only UK festival accredited to three major global awards: the BAFTAs, Oscars and European Film Awards.

The festival began life in 1995 as Brief Encounters – a one-off event to mark the centenary of cinema. It proved so successful that it became an annual attraction – and has expanded year on year ever since. In September 2019 we will present around 600 films and 300 screenings, special events and parties across 6 days in a range of Bristol venues.

Throughout its history Encounters has accumulated video, audio and photographic recordings of each festival edition, and much of this material sits in storage within Watershed, with whom we have very close ties. As we approach our 25th edition we are keen to analyse and catalogue this material in an archive project with two goals: to preserve material that may otherwise be lost (for example we have audio recordings of an appearance by Anthony Minghella who died in 2008) and to catalogue the material so that we can use it in audience development activity”.

If you are interested in a film curating placement and think this project suits your skills then please contact course leader

Tuesday 9th July 2019:


Audrey Remmert has started a six month post at the Holburne Museum in Bath working with visitor services and events and helping to run workshops with the education team.

Thursday 20th June 2019:


Many congratulations to MA Curating graduate Thea Berry who has been appointed as Cinema Producer (maternity cover) working alongside Mark Cosgrove (Cinema Curator), delivering the cultural film programme at Watershed.

Wednesday 19th June 2019:


More great employment news for MA Curating graduates. MA Curating graduate Surya Varma Mehta has recently been appointed as the media and digital content coordinator at Arcadia Spectacular. She will be curating and producing digital content for all of their social media platforms. During 2018 Surya was on placement with In Between Time.


Jane O’Brien has been selected for the role of Programme Trainee at the Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre in Taunton. She will be working closely with the artistic programmer to help curate a range of high-quality live performances, cinema, exhibitions and participation activities. During 2018 Jane was on placement with the Encounters Film Festival in Bristol.

Tuesday 29th April 2019:


Huge congratulations to 2019 MA Curating student Camilla Brivio who has been appointed as Restoration Officer (Conservator) for the office of Cultural Heritage and Archives  at the Central Museum of Calabria in Cosenza, Italy

Thursday 4th April 2019:


Well done to 2017 MA Curating graduate Isaac Blease who has been appointed as Cataloguer at the Martin Parr Foundation in Bristol. He will be responsible for managing the cataloging of items in the Martin Parr Foundation collection. The collection includes photo books, photographic prints, book dummies, letters, films, digital files and small objects.

Monday 1st April 2019:


Congratulations to 2018 MA Curating student Nicole Mawby. She is now Communications Assistant at Edge Arts in Bath. Marketing the arts programmes to the public and students of the University of Bath, the programme consists of visual arts, performance, dance and music. She is assisting in the development of these audiences and building new relationships. She is also working on communicating the work of the new Curator of Contemporary Programmes and Special Projects who works between the Holburne Museum and Edge Arts.

Thursday 14th February 2019:


In May 2019 MA Curating graduate Fili Harrington starts a six month paid intern position at Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles. During her MA studies at UWE during 2018 she was on placement at Hauser & Wirth Somerset, a commercial art gallery situated in Bruton. During her time at the gallery, where her mentors were Dea Vanagan, Director, and Debbie Hillyerd, Director of Education, she became particularly interested in the educational remit of the gallery. Alongside the Education team, she was able to deliver exhibition tours with the public as well as school groups, facilitate workshops and to assist on various other projects such as the International Curatorial Symposium in July 2018. Her final project was to produce education resources for the exhibition ‘Takesada Matisuani, drop in time’, and to plan and deliver the Big Draw Festival at the gallery, during which over two hundred participants celebrated drawing through workshops that celebrated the theme of PLAY!

Through Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles’ diverse exhibition and public programmes, Fili hopes to continue to build upon her experiences gained at Hauser & Wirth Somerset, while also looking forward to furthering her insight into other aspects of gallery operation.

Monday 14th January 2019:

We are sad to see the 2018 MA Curating students finish the course but also excited to see the 2019 students who started on 7th January. For further details about each student and their placement go to the Students 2019 page.

Monday 29th October 2018:

MA Curating student Thea Berry is on placement at Watershed. Her final project is a season of films, Reclaiming the Witch. Details from the Watershed press release are included below:

PR Image and Text

“The witching hour is almost upon us! This November (3 – 25) at Watershed we welcome a season of films and talks that examine and celebrate the witch on screen. From well-known classics, forgotten favourites and new discoveries, we delve into the psyche and stereotype of one of cinema’s most complex and compelling characters: the witch. Reclaiming the Witch is curated by Thea Berry, a student at the University of West of England who is splitting her time between UWE and Watershed whilst studying for an MA in Curating, mentored by Cinema Curator Mark Cosgrove and the wider Watershed team.

The season opens with The Wizard of Oz, made 80 years ago, it remains a timeless classic. Thea Berry will introduce the screening – reframing and contextualising the film by moving the focus away from Dorothy and onto the Wicked Witch of the West, shining a new light onto such an iconic character.

We caught up with Thea to ask what inspired her to create the season. She says:

“During the final semester of my Masters I was asked to curate a project with my partner organisation Watershed. After re-watching The Witches of Eastwick, months before I had even started the course, I knew I wanted to curate a retrospective of witches in cinema. My aim was to produce a season that was fun, and would provoke discussion, be engaging and culturally and politically relevant.

Thea continues:
“Against a backdrop of Trump, #MeToo, the Women’s March and the increasing rise in young people engaging with feminism and politics, I see the witch as the perfect vehicle for conversation. The mix of classic and contemporary cinema in this season aims to attract audiences from different generations and encourage them to rediscover witches in cinema.”

The season is an ideal opportunity to fall under the spell of a cinematic coven: from The Wizard of Oz, to The Witches’ terrifying Grand High Witch, to I Am Not a Witch’s little 9-year-old Shula to the witch in training of Kiki’s Delivery Service and even Cher, Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer giving it their all in The Witches of Eastwick, there’s more witchy fun here than you can shake a broomstick at.

Want to delve a bit deeper into the witch on screen and look at the inner workings of a character that has captivated and intrigued filmmakers and audiences alike for decades? Don’t miss our Exploring The Witch panel discussion with writer and curator Anna Bogutskaya (The Final Girls), film critic Kelli Weston (Sight and Sound) and Dr Shelley Cobb (University of Southampton), chaired by Watershed Cinema Producer, Tara Judah”.

Tuesday 9th October 2018:

Congratulations to MA Curating alumni Isaac Blease for the opening of his installation Alone with Empire at City Hall, Bristol (1st-15th October).  Working with Art Director Alejandro Acin from IC Visual Lab, Isaac has curated ‘an installation providing a critical space to be alone with films from the British Empire and Commonwealth Collection…a digital interface has been used to generate randomized film pieces presenting each visitor with their own unique selection of colonial film footage’. Building upon his MA Curating placement at Bristol Archives in 2017, where he worked on the British Empire and Commonwealth Collection of photography, Isaac and Alejandro secured Arts Council and Lottery funding to create the installation, run workshops and produce a publication.

Isaac Blease at Alone with Empire, City Hall, Bristol, 8th October 2018.

Wednesday 3rd October 2018:

If you are interested in studying MA Curating at UWE alongside a placement at one of Europe’s most significant Gothic Cathedrals, then our new placement at Gloucester Cathedral could be for you.  A placement at Gloucester Cathedral is a truly unique way to gain first-hand experience of how a complex, living and dynamic heritage site is managed.

New Cathedral Green compressed

“The Cathedral is open 365 days of the year and welcomes almost 500,000 people in that period. Every year we hold around 2,000 events and services, including historic re-enactments, skate-parks, nationally acclaimed exhibitions, schools sessions, adult learning courses and more.

The Cathedral is not heritage preserved in aspic, it is:

  • a living place of worship
  • a heritage destination
  • a community and civic hub
  • an events venue, providing a space for re-enactments, concerts and recitals, banquets and dinners, award ceremonies – we’ve even been a skateboarding park
  • an exhibition space
  • training centre for musical, heritage craft and educational excellence
  • a place of solace for those in need
  • a film set – Harry Potter, Sherlock, The Hollow Crown, Wolf Hall and Dr Who have all been filmed here

2019 will be a brilliant time to join us as we have recently finished building work on the first phase of a £6m Heritage Lottery Fund project to truly become a ‘21st Century Cathedral’. You’ll get to see our new public green, solar panels, interpretation scheme, access improvements and fully restored Lady Chapel in action, as well as exploring how we plan to evaluate the project outcomes and develop the next phase…

As well experiencing everything we have to offer here, you will have an opportunity to make a valuable and long-lasting contribution to the life and work of the Cathedral by researching, planning and delivering your own project. If that sounds intimidating, don’t worry! You’ll be part of a specific team and a mentor will help you and make sure you have everything you need to succeed”.

The following three proposals give you a feel for what sort of project you might work on during the placement:

  1. Gloucester Cathedral Treasury Project

We need the items in the treasury to be curated into a visitor friendly exhibition. We have dedicated exhibition space and customised cases. We also have a comprehensive catalogue detailing each item so you don’t have to come as an expert of church silverware. But we do need you to lead on selecting suitable items for each case, considering relevance to our varied visitor motivations and demographic and write meaningful labels for those objects.

We will also need you to digitize the display for use on our Virtual Tour Tablets – the Treasury is not wheelchair accessible and digital interpretation is the best way for us to ensure we are inclusive to all. The treasury project is a fantastic opportunity to work with a prestigious collection of items and create your own exhibition.

Our treasury project is part of the Cathedral’s wider Project Pilgrim initiative, so your work would be an important part of this wider prestigious project.  Project Pilgrim aims to provide opportunities for all people, whatever their age, background or faiths, to learn about, respond to and interact with Gloucester Cathedral.

  1. Bring our Living Archive to Life

As part of our Project Pilgrim activity plan we have been collating testimonies from people involved with the Cathedral. We are building a Living Archive of interactions, memories and lived experiences of the Cathedral and its precincts.

We have a small team of volunteers working with our Archivist and our Community Engagement Manager who are recording interviews with nominated interviewees. Most of the interviews are audio files however we do have some film and photo stories that we would like to combine to create an accessible dialogue to enrich the stories we communicate and to encourage others to add their stories to the archive.

We need a leader to build on this work; to add more varied and diverse stories to our Living Archive – everyday visitors, those attending special events, courses and services plus those who live, work and worship here. We want to find creative ways to interact and record these stories and work on a scheme to present the stories to the public.  We have digital interpretation hubs as part of our new interpretation scheme, plus tablets, an app and sensory resources that we can utilize for display and communication.

Can you help us bring these stories to the fore and provide an additional layer to our offer? 

  1. Research and display archaeological finds

Extensive archaeological exploratory works were required prior to the recent transformation of Cathedral Green. Due to the nature of the building and the location of the exploratory work (part of an historic lay cemetery) this part of the project required sensitive physical work alongside considered communication of the works and the finds to the public.  Volunteers provided weekly update talks and any significant finds were researched and published to ensure the community could share in the fascinating discoveries.

Important items were revealed that give a brief snap-shot of life in and around the Cathedral through time. Finds include an intricately carved memento mori – thought to be part of a rosary bead, a post medieval prosthetic leg band, a Roman copper brooch, trade tokens and a variety of coins.

As part of our commitment to widening our reach to a greater and more diverse audience we would like some research to be undertaken working with a team of volunteers, to contextualize the finds. We would like the items interpreted and displayed at the Cathedral. There is scope for this project to also extend to develop teaching resources and handling kits for use both on and off site.

A great deal of support will be provided – working with the Cathedral and City Archaeologists, the independent archaeological team who worked the site, our Visitor Experience Manager, Community Engagement Manager and our Archivist. This will provide a unique opportunity for a capable student to lead on a fascinating piece of work.

To enquire about this project please contact Matthew Partington on 0117 32 84746 or

Wednesday 5th September 2018:

As course leader for MA Curating I am particularity delighted to announce a placement partnership for 2019 with Nature in Art near Gloucester. Before working at UWE I was Curator at Nature in Art and the current Curator Emily Cooper is an alumni of UWE’s MA Curating course.

Nature in Art Wallsworth Hall
Nature in Art, Wallsworth Hall, Twigworth, near Gloucester

Nature in Art opened its doors to the public in May 1988 as the world’s first museum and art gallery dedicated exclusively to fine, decorative and applied art inspired by nature. The growing collection spanning 1500 years from over 60 countries and cultures by over 600 artists and makers is housed in a fine Georgian mansion dating from the mid-1700s situated just outside Gloucester. The collection reflects the exciting diversity of work produced by artists inspired by nature through the centuries.

With regularly changing displays of the permanent collection and a vibrant programme of temporary exhibitions and artist residencies, Nature in Art is international in scope, appeal and stature. The museum has twice been specially commended in the National Heritage Museum of the Year Awards and is a must for anyone interested in world-class art, nature and heritage.

With a dedicated arts education department and a purpose built education centre, Nature in Art provides year round activities and events including, children’s activity days, family fun days, adult art courses, evening talks and demonstrations.


This varied placement will offer the student a wide range of experience focusing on exhibitions and collections management. We are currently undergoing the process of upgrading our digital collections management system. The student will have a major role in this process giving real insight into our extensive collection and experience using collections management systems. The student will also gain experience in other areas of documentation including object marking and photography for identification.

Alongside collections and documentation work, the student will assist the Director and Collections Officer with the planning and development of the temporary exhibitions programme. The student will be involved everything from research and loan applications to interpretation and marketing.

This is a hands-on placement where the student will be working as part of a small dedicated team and engaging in the day to day workings of a unique museum. Their input during the placement will be of real value to the organisation and in turn a rewarding and valuable experience.

For further details of this placement opportunity please contact Matthew Partington.

Thursday 30th August 2018:

We have a number of new partnerships to announce for 2019 over the next few days. Firstly we are delighted to announce a placement at the Museum of East Asian Art in Bath in 2019. The successful applicant will be working with Celia Dominguez, Education and Development Manager.



The Museum of East Asian Art’s Mission:

The Museum of East Asian Art is the only museum in the UK solely dedicated to the understanding and appreciation of East and Southeast Asian arts and cultures.

We collect, preserve and exhibit artefacts representing more than 7,000 years of artistry and craftsmanship from East and South East Asia.

We offer a broad range of opportunities to enjoy and learn about our unique collection and strive to be as accessible to as wide an audience as possible. To achieve this we encourage education, creativity, dialogue and research, and deliver a wide programme of rich learning and cultural experiences.


This placement will focus on the areas of education and collections interpretation. Under the supervision of the Learning Manager, the final project will present a new interpretation resource based on our permanent collections. This resource will be developed, tested and evaluated by the placement holder in collaboration with the Learning Manager. The student could also be asked to help with school visits, events and other projects to gain first-hand museum learning experience.

Our gallery space is limited which, traditionally, has challenged the Museum’s interpretation potential. Therefore, we expect that the final project will present fresh ideas to improve the visitor’s connection and understanding of the Museum displays. We are seeking someone passionate about visitor experience and willing to learn about our collection. Knowledge about East Asian cultures and/or art preferable.

For further information on this opportunity please contact course leader Matthew Partington on 0117 3284746 or by email at


Friday 25th May 2018:

We have an exciting new opportunity for 2019 for a student to be on placement with Andy King, Senior Curator – Social, Industrial & Maritime History and Working Exhibits, based at M Shed, Bristol Museum & Art Gallery (and other locations as necessary).

In 2023, Bristol Museums mark their 200th anniversary – their roots go back to the establishment of the Bristol Institution in 1823. The museum service is researching ways to mark that anniversary, and one aspect will be the ways in which trends and events have influenced the different directions in which the service has developed.

Whilst the early history of the organisation is well recorded, the changes that have come about since the Bristol Blitz are less well understood. This project aims to correct that, making as much use as possible of the memories of past and present staff as well as archive records, Annual Reports and news-cutting collections. We’d like to build up a picture of the service over the last 65 years that gives not only a sense of the high-level political and professional direction but also the day-to-day operation of the museum and its sites.

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery following bomb damage during the Second World War.

The successful applicant will need to have experience of research work in a range of areas and good communications skills. Experience of oral history recording techniques would be advantageous (but will also be taught on the course). Knowledge of the general development of museums from the 1940s would be useful. The placement will offer the student the opportunity to work with a wide range of people, collections and venues on a unique project.

Please contact course leader Matthew Partington for further details if you think this might be the placement for you and would like to hear more.

Thursday 22nd March 2018:

This week sees the openings of the three student exhibitions as part of the Developing Practice and Audiences module. Having only met and started the course in January the students have to work together in a group to produce a curated project that might be actual, virtual, performative or gallery based. This year the ten students worked in three groups to produce a really impressive array of outcomes:

Harbourside Voices is a storytelling exhibition that digitally maps the voices of workers, communities and visitors to Bristol’s harbour. Harbourside Voices allows you to hear untold memories of this iconic area using photos, artwork and audio clips. The curators have digitally mapped the people, the voices and the communities which make the harbourside what it is today. Their aim is ‘to show a different, more personal side to Bristol’s harbour, going beyond the famous landmarks and historical facts’.

Audrey Remmert and Katie Jones braving the wintry weather in Bristol promoting their Harbourside Voices website and gathering memories of passers by. The other members of the group are Polly Maxwell and Holly Morgan-Davies.

Bound to Bristol is a pop-up three-day exhibition, showcasing a collection of Artists’ Books. This exhibition is inspired by and sourced from the personal collection of Sarah Bodman, Senior Research Fellow in Artists’ Books at the Centre for Fine Print Research. Produced by four MA/MFA Curating students the exhibition presents a diverse range of works produced by artists whose practices are either based in Bristol or influenced by the city. The extensive range of books brought together in this way, will map out connections between the objects and their authors, and celebrate their diversity. The exhibition will provide an opportunity for the books to be picked up, flicked through and read by visitors. Visitors are also invited to contribute to a collaborative work during the show: the Bristol Reading List.

The curators of the Bound to Bristol exhibition at Bower Ashton’s F Block Gallery at UWE:
Nicole Mawby, Thea Berry, Fili Harrington and Georgie Thomas.

Expired Memories is an exhibition of photography exploring themes of Nostalgia, Memory and Experience. Curated by MA Curating students, Jane O’Brien and Suri Varma, all photos were taken using expired rolls of 35mm film and analogue cameras. Their aim was ‘to explore the ways in which a photograph can take you back in time, through subject, outlook and process’. This is a collaborative project between MA Curating and BA Photography.

Curators Jane O’Brien and Suri Varma outside their exhibition Expired Memories at the Vestibules at City Hall, Bristol.

Thursday 15th March 2018:

Our 2017 students are doing really well at securing curating jobs. Despite being one of the fiercest job markets around four of our graduates have so far found work:

Alexandra Ciciric is now the Collections Services Assistant at Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales, working on the museum’s extensive photographic collections. During 2017 Alexandra was on placement with Bronwen Colquhoun, Curator of Photography at National Museum Wales.

Fridy Duterloo-Morgan was appointed to the role of Curator for the National Trust, based at Killerton, North Devon. Fridy was on placement in 2017 at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery working with the Curator of Contemporary Art, Julia Carver. Fridy took up the role with the National Trust in September 2017, leaving her then role as a Listing Adviser at Historic England.

Freddie Langdon-Daly is now the Public Events and Exhibitions Manager at the Bishop’s Palace, Wells. Freddie was on placement in 2017 at the Royal West of England Academy and was mentored by Curator Gemma Brace.

Josie Spencer has been appointed Producer at Kaleider, a production studio based in Exeter. The organisation brings people together to make live experiences, products and services. They make their own work, produce work, commission new work and provide support for artists to develop, push boundaries and take risks with their ideas. During 2017 Josie was mentored at Situations by Georgina Bolton and Anna Rutherford.

Monday 12th March 2018:

Bristol Archives are offering a new placement for 2019, working on the “Unlocking Our Sound Heritage” programme funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and managed by the British Library.

Bristol is one of ten regional hubs delivering a three year programme of digitising and cataloguing unique and at-risk audio recordings from the last hundred years. The material comes from all over the South West and includes oral history, world and folk music, dramatic performances and wildlife recordings. Once digitised, the material will be uploaded to the British Library website and used as the basis for learning and engagement activities.

AV digitisation for BOV and TC for web

This placement would suit a student with an interest in digital technologies, oral history, opening up access to our audio heritage or a combination of all of them! The student will work with the project team and gain experience of a variety of tasks including sound digitisation, cataloguing archival material, transcribing recordings and promotional activities. They will also have the opportunity to work on a specific project in one or more of these areas which ties in with their particular interests.

If you would like to know more about this project please contact

Friday 5th January 2018:

The MA/MFA Curating students of 2017 have now handed in their dissertations and have officially finished the course. It is a sad time as we say goodbye to them but we also look forward to their graduation in July.

On Monday 8th January we welcome the 10 new students students as another academic year for MA/MFA Curating begins.  We are delighted to be working with five new placement organisations alongside many of our existing partners: Bristol City Council’s Engagement team, Hauser and Wirth Somerset, In Between Time Festival, The Architecture Centre and St Fagans National Museum of History in Cardiff.


Tuesday 7th November:

The course is almost full for the January 2018 start. If you are thinking of applying please email programme leader or phone him on 0117 3284746 before you complete the application process. The placements currently still available would suit someone interested in social history and museum curating so it is important you don’t spend time applying for January 2018 if you are interested in other forms of curating.


Friday 15th September:

Our new partnership with @Bristol continues with the science centre under its new name We the curious It has relaunched seamlessly with a new direction and a focus on creating ‘a culture of curiosity’.


Monday 11th September:

The MA/MFA Curating course has a very strong belief in curating as a participatory activity and we are therefore delighted to announce a partnership for 2018 with the Bristol Culture Participation team. We are looking for applicants to the course who would like to work with Bristol Culture to support the development of the Neighbourhoods display at M Shed

This role will be based within the Participation team, which engages with local communities and young people in innovative ways. Bristol Museums was a partner in the Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s Our Museum programme which ran 2012-15 and sought to embed change into cultural organisations.

The placement will cover the following:

  • Support the development of the Neighbourhoods display. This will include; community co-curation, historical research, outreach work, proof reading, evaluation of new pilot approach to display
  • This will be achieved by; talking to the public, attending meetings & events, writing blogs, working on own initiative
  • Supporting development of other projects as appropriate, eg development of new display in St Paul’s Carnival and engagement work with young people

The student on placement will be located at M Shed and Bristol Museum & Art Gallery and will be mentored by Finn White, Engagement Officer – Communities. If you are interested in this placement please indicate as such in the personal statement part of your application.

finn whiteFinn White, Engagement Officer – Communities.


Thursday 31st August:

Huge congratulations to Jennifer Dudley who has been awarded a prestigious PhD studentship funded by Coventry University’s Design and Visual Arts Department. The title is The Art of Making, Women, Materials and the Home and the lead supervisor is Dr Imogen Racz. Jennifer was a student on the MA Curating course in 2015.



Friday 28th July:

We are delighted to announce another great partner for MA Curating in 2018: Bristol’s Architecture Centre. We welcome applicants for our January 2018 start who are interested in this opportunity to work on placement at the Architecture Centre.

Occupying a beautiful harbourside setting next door to MA Curating’s home at the Arnolfini City Campus, this placement offers a great opportunity to work with a dynamic and fast moving organisation.  The Architecture Centre is a registered charity, founded in 1996 as the UK’s first architecture centre outside London. The gallery provides a welcoming, free cultural space in the heart of Bristol’s Harbourside. A lively public programme includes exhibitions, talks, debates, walks and family activities. Learning and outreach are activities targeted at specific audience groups. They produce the annual Bristol Doors Open Day festival and manage the Bristol Urban Design Forum (BUDF) independent design review. Architecture Centre Director Sarah James states that,

‘The Architecture Centre is ready for its next stage in artistic development and organisational growth. We want to re-present ourselves as a dynamic, contemporary hub for national and international debate; showcasing the best emerging talent in design and architecture, co-producing with communities and brokering artistic, interdisciplinary collaborations between artists, creatives and architects – using our gallery as a work in progress/residency space as well as spilling out into the streets and communities across Bristol and the South West. We want to be known as Bristol’s Urban Room – where design, discussion, culture and communities converge; every town and city should have a physical space where people can go to understand, debate and get involved in the past, present and future of where they live, work and play. The purpose of our Urban Room is to foster meaningful connections between people and place, using creative methods of engagement to encourage active participation in the future of our buildings, streets and neighbourhoods’.

Architecture Centre exterior
The Architecture Centre, Narrow Quay, Bristol

Tuesday 18th July:

We are excited to announce Hauser and Wirth Somerset as a new partner for 2018.

“Hauser & Wirth Somerset is a pioneering world-class gallery and multi-purpose arts centre, which acts as a destination for experiencing art, architecture and the remarkable Somerset landscape through new and innovative exhibitions of contemporary art…Centred around a core belief in conservation, education and sustainability, Hauser & Wirth Somerset offers a wide variety of special events including talks, seminars, workshops and screenings, as well as an extensive learning programme for local schools, young people and families”.

We invite applications to MA/MFA Curating for this placement. The placement mentoring will be led by Debbie Hillyerd (Head of Education) & Dea Vanagan (Director).

Piet Oudolf Field - Hauser & Wirth, Durslade Farm, Bruton, Somerset (7th September 2016)Hauser and Wirth Somerset (photograph courtesy of Hauser and Wirth)

Person Specification:
–       Professional
–       Exceptional written and verbal skills
–       Organised with meticulous attention to detail
–       Adaptable to different situations and knows how to act accordingly
–       Understands they are representing UWE and Hauser & Wirth Somerset
–       Friendly, warm, confident and well presented

–       Opportunities to meet staff and gain experience and understanding in various aspects of gallery work – Front Desk, Technical Team, Invigilation, Exhibitions, Events, Communication

–       Support and Delivery of programme and exhibition-related events, such as symposiums, panel discussions, residencies, workshops and partnership activities.

–       Writing (content for communications, proposals, documentation, reviews)

–       Carrying out and managing documentation of events and activities (filming, transcribing interviews discussions, manuscripts, reports, content towards online or printed use)

–       Participation in gallery activities and events

Due to the location of Hauser and Wirth Somerset we are looking for an applicant who has their own car and can drive to Bruton for the weekly placement. 


Thursday 29th June:

Congratulations to MA Curating student Fridy Duterloo-Morgan who has been appointed to the role of Curator for the National Trust, based at Killerton, North Devon. Fridy is currently on placement at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery working with the Curator of Contemporary Art, Julia Carver. Fridy takes up the role with the National Trust in September, leaving her current role as a Listing Adviser at Historic England.


Tuesday 13th June:

In 2018 UWE’s MA Curating course is offering the opportunity for a student to be on placement for the year with the At-Bristol team, potentially working across a variety of projects in an organisation that is shifting to embrace a more multi-disciplinary and participative approach to engaging audiences with science.  You will bring an interest in the intersection of disciplines and in public participation and social inclusion in cultural venues. The placement might include programming for the new Box art-science gallery space and development of a new co-design programme for communities to contribute to the broader interactive exhibition space.  Your mentor will be At-Bristol’s Creative Producer, Rosalie White who has a background in producing work from a wide range of artists and for diverse audiences, from Battersea Arts Centre, to The Place, LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre) and In Between Time.

Paul Friedlander’s ‘Resonator’ in At-Bristol’s Box Gallery

Anna Starkey, Creative Director: ‘We’re exploring new paths in At-Bristol, looking at what it means to be a science centre and what sort of relevant experiences we offer audiences. We want to reposition science as part of culture – inspiring curiosity, and thinking about that as the driver for both artistic and scientific enquiry. What if we work with audiences to not just interact but meaningfully participate and have a voice in designing experiences here?’

If you are interested in applying for the course and discussing the At-Bristol placement please contact course leader Matthew Partington on


Thursday 18th May:

MA Curating student Isaac Blease won the 2017 Deutsche Bank Arts and Creative Enterprise (DBACE) award for Fine Art and Photography. Isaac was presented with his trophy and £10,000 prize by Liz Gilmore, Director of the Jerwood Gallery at the awards ceremony at Deutsche Bank’s headquarters in the City of London on Wednesday evening.

Charaxes Imperialis is a photographic project that re-addresses and questions the legacy of empire, through the artist’s inherited butterfly collection’. Isaac is currently on placement at Bristol Archives working on their Empire and Commonwealth photographic collection.


Wednesday 5th April:

Tomorrow sees the opening of “Llygaird Fress – Fresh Eyes”, a contemporary pop-up art exhibition featuring international emerging artists who have created work inspired by the culture, history, and landscape of Wales. The exhibition is curated by MA/MFA Curating students Tanja Bah, Alexandra Ciciric, Caitlin Davies and Erika Smits.

It will take place at 13-15 Morgan Arcade, Cardiff from April 7th to April 9th (with a preview on 6 April).

fresh eyes - poster 3 - a4 - CMYK

Tuesday 4th April 2017:

MA/MFA Curating programme leader Matthew Partington was awarded the Assessment and Feedback Award at the UWE Student Experience Awards 2017 held at the @Bristol Science Centre on 3rd April. Sincere thanks go to the student or students who made the nomination.


Friday 31st March 2017:

The first of the semester 1 student group exhibitions opened today in the F Block Gallery at Bower Ashton Studios.

On-Site is composed of two exhibitions, Reflections and Volume 20.5, which explore the rich and varied history of exhibitions and artwork by UWE’s creative students and staff. Spanning from the 1970s until the present day, both exhibitions will offer unique opportunity to delve into the political, social and artistic output of students and staff over a period of more than 35 years.

Reflecting on what it means to produce artwork and exhibit as a UWE student, the groups have collaborated with students, staff and alumni to curate three diverse displays across the Bower Ashton Campus.

Reflections is a new exhibition in Bower Ashton’s F Block Gallery and Reel Cases, which will show documents held in the Bower Ashton Archive, together with a selection of works by former and current UWE art students. The displays will explore and celebrate student life then and now within the unique and creative learning environment of Bower Ashton Campus and is curated by Isaac Blease, Fridy Duterloo-Morgan, Salli-Louise Johnson, Freddie Langdon-Daly and Louise Milsom.

Volume 20.5, curated by Susannah Canning and Josie Spencer, will showcase the photographs, books and ephemera of long-standing UWE librarian and photographer Steve Norton. Steve has been photographing exhibitions and events across UWE and Bristol since the 1990s and has amassed over a staggering 80,000 photographs. A selection of these photographs and related ephemera will be shown in the Reel Cases throughout B block and C Block. In addition, Steve’s books will be displayed together for the first time in the Bower Ashton Library alongside, audio interviews and recollections from Steve, staff and students.

On-Site will open with a public event at the F Block Gallery and the Library on Friday 31 March, from 16:00 – 20:00. Reflections will be run from 31 March until 7 April, and Volume 20.5 will run from 31 March until 12 April”.


Friday 10th March 2017:

Congratulations to 2016 graduate Athene Bain who has been appointed as Archive Assistant at the University of Bristol Theatre Collection. Athene was mentored during the course by Julia Carver, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.

Tuesday 28th February 2017:

2016 MA Curating graduate Megan Collier is soon to start work in Newcastle upon Tyne as a community and participation assistant to the Hatton project team, supporting the delivery of the Hatton Gallery’s offsite art participation and community programme. She will be creating events and activities to profile the Hatton and engage community groups with the Gallery. The role involves building relationships within the University and developing contacts with community groups such as youth groups, older people, mental health groups and assisting in the delivery of workshops to these people. Megan will also be working on promoting engagement with the Hatton Gallery’s ‘Showcase’ project, a public artwork commission, and producing community and participation resources based on this as well as the Hatton’s collection. This project is part of the Hatton’s capital redevelopment programme and is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Prior to taking up the Hatton Gallery role Megan has been working as a producing assistant on IBT17 Bristol International Festival, supporting the delivery of the live art festival working with over 40 artists, across 10 venues in Bristol and 40 events over 5 days. She supported the producing team throughout the lead up to and during the festival, working closely with the core team, artists and venues. her responsibilities included coordinating artist residencies in the lead up to the festival and supporting the production of shows such as Live Art Development Agencies Playing Up, Katy Baird’s workshy and 600 Highwaymen’s The Record. She was in charge of sourcing all props for the festival and coordinating their distribution across the venues. Megan also managed the travel and accommodation for over 50 artists, produced artist information packs, managed artist hospitality and the allocation of artist comp tickets across the festival.

Monday 27th February 2017:

Great news on the employment front for MA Curating student Dave Taylor-Matthews (who was mentored during the course by Watershed’s Curator of Cinema Mark Cosgrove). Dave has recently been appointed as the Operations Manager of Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival.


Monday 16th January 2017:

A big welcome to the 2017 MA/MFA Curating students. We have 11 students working with our partners in Bristol and Cardiff. All of their details can be found on the new Students 2017 page.


Friday 13th January 2017:

MFA Curating student Brittney Bies is now working as a freelance curator on a number of projects for the Bristol Owners Heritage Trust. They will have an exhibition space in the new Aerospace Museum opening in Filton and as Curator Brittney will start cataloging their artefacts. Their long term goal is to open up a museum in about five years time. Brittney will also will be running their social media sites and helping organise fundraiser events.


Wednesday 7th December 2016:

Congratulations to 2015 MA Curating student Georgia Hall who has joined the programme team at Spike Island Gallery in Bristol as Assistant Curator in a job share with Lizzie Watson alongside curators Carmen Julia, Elisa Kay and director Helen Legg.


Tuesday 8th November 2016:

We are delighted to announce the @Bristol Science Centre as a new partner for the course. The Creative Director Anna Starkey will act as a mentor for any student from the course who goes on placement there. We hope to place our first student with Anna in January 2018. We are already accepting applications for January 2018 and we encourage applicants to indicate in their personal statement which of our partners they would most like to be placed with.


Monday 24th October 2016:

On Saturday 12th November Mark Cosgrove will be giving a talk at Watershed about the history of film and cinema as part of the Bristol800 Universities Showcase Weekender. He will be joined on stage by MA Curating course leader Matthew Partington and MA student Dave Taylor-Matthews to talk about the course and Mark’s role as a mentor to students such as Dave. The event is free but booking is required via the link below.

Wednesday 5th October 2016:

The course is now full for entries for the January 2017 intake. We will have 11 students on the course placed with partners in Bristol and Cardiff. This year we welcome new partners in the ss Great Britain, Bristol Record Office and Chapter in Cardiff. Anyone interested in applying for January 2018 entry should go the UWE MA Curating website or contact course leader Dr Matthew Partington at


Wednesday 31st August 2016:

St George’s Bristol – UWE Curating placement opportunity for 2017


St George’s Bristol is one of the country’s leading concert halls, with a year-round programme of world class live music.  Housed within a former church, designed by Sir Robert Smirke and opened in 1823, St George’s Bristol has grown significantly in scope and ambition since its earliest days as a lunchtime chamber music venue (and recording studio) in 1976.  Following two major redevelopments (in 1986 and 1999), St George’s is today renowned for the quality of its programming, education outreach work, and distinctive acoustics.

The organisation is now entering an exciting new phase, with yet another redevelopment project getting underway; one that will transform both the facilities and visitor experience.  Thanks to major funding grants from Arts Council England, Heritage Lottery Fund and Bristol City Council – not to mention corporate and individual support – a new two-story extension is being built alongside the existing (Grade II*) building.  While the new building will house larger public areas, bar and upstairs education/performance space, a section of the crypt of the original building will be devoted to telling the St George’s Story.  This new Heritage Interpretation Space is a key component in securing funding from HLF, as the organisation will be able to share stories from the building’s past with visitors, via interactive, permanent and temporary displays.   There will also be exhibition space.

A placement with St George’s in 2017 would see the successful applicant working with the team at St George’s in delivering the Heritage Interpretation space, with the potential for a project based around curating the new exhibition space in time for the re-opening of the venue in October 2017 (and the exhibition that follows it). St George’s is working with leading Heritage Interpretation agency Imagemakers to develop materials for the main interpretation space, along with volunteers, UWE film/video students and other creatives. It’s a unique time to work with us on what is set to be a really interesting project.

This placement would suit someone with existing curatorial experience, as St George’s is a music venue first and foremost and there is currently nobody in the team with experience of curating.  So if you would like a project through which to share and develop your own methods and skills, with further insights and experience of a Heritage Interpretation project, then this may be suitable for you.

Contact for further information


Tuesday 2nd August 2016: 

Congratulations to MA Curating student Emily Cooper who starts her new job as Collections Officer at Nature in Art near Gloucester on 15th August


Monday 1st August 2016:

UWE MA/MFA Curating graduate Karen Holbrook @KHCurate is curating an exhibition this summer at The Army&Navy Club Pall Mall, London.

The exhibition is on for the first two weeks of August and is free. See link below for more information and to book tickets.


Monday 25th July 2016:

Well done to MA Curating graduate Georgia Hall for her new role as Festival Guide Co-ordinator at Bristol Biennial


Monday 18th July 2016:

A lovely afternoon was had by all at the graduation of the class of 2015 at Bristol Cathedral last week. Congratulations to all of them and we wish them every success in their futures in the world of curating.

IMG_2196Julia Morrish, Karen Holbrook, Jennifer Dudley, Matthew Partington (tutor), Georgia Hall, Emily Cooper, Liz Chege, Conor Fitzpatrick and Eloise Dunwell.


Tuesday 17th May 2016:

Many thanks to MA Curating graduate Jennifer Dudley for a wonderful tour of National Museum Wales where she is now working as the Derek Williams Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art (maternity cover). A sunny afternoon trip to the St Fagans National History Museum capped off a lovely day.

A lovely day for a study trip to St Fagans National History Museum on the outskirts of Cardiff.


Monday 25th April 2016:

UWE graduate Karen Holbrook is curating an exhibition of photographs, Burma Veterans: Unforgettable. During 2015, the year which marked the 70th anniversary of V-J Day, photographer Wendy Aldiss photographed over 200 allied Burma Veterans in the UK and a small selection in Burma (now Myanmar). The photographs will be displayed as an Exhibition in the Army & Navy Club in London during August 2016 which will coincide with VJ Day.


Tuesday 19th April 2016:

Congratulations to MFA Curating student Brittney Bies who has seen off the competition to win a free place at the Social History Curator’s Group conference in Lincoln in June, (‘The Only Way Is Ethics: Social History and the 21st Century Museum’).


Thursday 14th April 2016:

We are offering two Vice Chancellors 2020 Scholarships that provide a tuition fee discount of 50% to UWE Bristol Home and EU students who are graduating in 2016 (and includes the 15% alumni discount).  So if you are graduating from a UWE undergraduate course in 2016 and want to be considered for the MA/MFA Curating scholarship apply for the course


Wednesday 24th February 2016:

Placement opportunity with British Empire and Commonwealth photographic collections. This is only for those applying to study the MA/MFA Curating course in 2017.

The British Empire and Commonwealth Museum, based in Bristol from 1992, closed its doors to the public in 2008 and transferred its collections to Bristol Museums, Galleries and Archives in 2012.  The greatest strengths of the collections are their focus on colonial administration, colonial life and the decolonisation period, but their huge scale (c. 8000 museum objects, and archives including c. 500,000 photographs, 2000 films, 1000 oral history recordings and 35,000 documents) means that work on processing and making them publicly available is going to take several years.

2005-010-1-14-19 Morey - Fijian fish drive
A Fijian fish drive, 1965 (photographers: Geoffrey and Yvonne Morey)

However, work has now started on the photographic collections, with the Exploring Empire project, funded through the National Archives Cataloguing Grants programme.  This project, which employs two project archivists, aims to catalogue around 40 of the most significant photographic collections by the summer of 2017.  These images, in a variety of formats, date from the 1860s-1990s and cover almost every part of the Commonwealth.  They offer a unique and fascinating insight into family life, local customs, the environment and landmark historical events. Topics covered include agriculture, architecture, development of infrastructure, hunting, missionary activity and philanthropic ventures.  The photographic collections are a vivid record of British colonial history, through institutional, commercial and personal collections telling the story of the colonisers and, to some extent, of those people subject to colonial rule.  Together, they are of international significance.

This 2017 placement would be based at Bristol Archives, part of Bristol Museums, Galleries and Archives, working alongside project archivists, Jayne Pucknell and Nicky Sugar, and the ‘Exploring Empire’ project manager, city archivist Julian Warren.  Working directly with the photographic collections, including research and cataloguing, the MA student will have scope to be involved in the development of public programmes related to the collections.  The project team work closely with our colleagues based in Bristol Museum and Art Gallery (BMAG), and the project is supported by an advisory board made up of academics, curators and archivists, chaired by BMAG World Cultures senior curator, Sue Giles. The candidate would have the rare opportunity to work between archival and curatorial professions.

If you are applying to study MA/MFA Curating in 2017 and think this placement suits your interest and skills please indicate this in your application. Feel free to contact course leader Matthew Partington if you want to discuss this particular placement in more detail.


Tuesday 16th February 2016:

Great news for 2015 MA Curating student Liz Chege:
“Encounters Festival is working to help improve industry access and opportunities within the sector, working with the Independent Cinema Office to recruit a new member of the festival team via a FEDS [Film Exhibitions, Distribution and Sales] training scheme from under-represented groups. Following a recruitment process led by the Independent Cinema Office and Encounters Festival Liz Chege has been offered a paid placement and mentoring scheme at the Festival”.


Wednesday 27th January 2016:

We are now accepting applications for our January 2017 MA/MFA Curating cohort. We recommend you get your application in early in the year as we interview throughout the year and allocate students to placements as we proceed. Go to the UWE course page for information on how to apply.


Monday 18th January 2016:

Welcome to Athene, Brittney, Laura, Megan, Ally, Dave and Rich: our new MA Curating students. Read more about them on the Students 2016 page.


Friday 11th December 2015:

Congratulations to Liz Chege (2015 MA Curating student) who has been selected for the Talent Press strand of Berlinale Talents 2016 which will take place in Berlin, Germany from February 12th – 18th. Talent Press is a platform for young film critics and journalists. Eight participants are selected by an international jury to undergo tutelage under prominent film critics for the duration of the Berlin Film Festival,

Tuesday 8th December 2015:

We are delighted to announce that 2015 MA Curating student Jennifer Dudley will take up the maternity cover post of Derek Williams Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at National Museum Wales in January 2016. Jennifer has been on placement during 2015 at National Museum Wales working with Keeper of Art Andrew Renton.

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